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Silver App Version 2.0!

It has been a pleasure to work with Bezier Games, an amazing group of creative, artistic, talented people focused on bringing something enjoyable into the world. I’m thrilled to have had a part to play developing the Silver app and now version 2.0.

In the new app you have 14 new characters and they're still attracting werewolves, but now you also have a silver bullet to help you defend your village. Like the characters in the Amulet deck each one has a unique role including some that your opponents will find quite annoying. Of course this is the app, so your opponent is a very single-minded AI solely designed to eliminate its own werewolves while giving you as many as possible.

Version 2.0 of the Silver app now includes both the full Amulet deck of cards with the Amulet token and the full set of Bullet cards and Bullet token. You can choose to play either deck on its own, or you can mix and match the cards by swapping like villagers to create your own custom deck (swap in the #2 Priest from the Bullet deck for the #2 Empath from the Amulet deck, swap one token for the other, etc.). The possible combinations are... any math majors in the house?

The app with both decks is still free to download from the app stores and you can purchase the physical card games of Silver, Silver Bullet, Silver Coin, and Silver Dagger on Bezier Games' web site.

Silver app, cards and more...

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