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And now for something completely different...

Falling squarely into the "And now for something completely different" category - I've become a game designer and developer.

Once the creativity bug bites it's hard to shut it down and I've found myself full of ideas for games, not just digital games, but physical games. Following the release of the Travel Light Travelers card game and working with Sally Rhone-Kubarek who developed the travel characters for the cards I'm now developing a series of tile-laying games called The Maze Explorers.

There are three "worlds" to explore in these games. The first, "Dark World," has already been released and two more will follow and then an expansion game that connects all three so they can be played as one large game.

The goal of these games is to expose and navigate a blind maze reaching the exit before the other players. Along the way there are artifacts that help and artifacts that will hinder your progress. Designing the tiles, the game pieces, the graphics, the game box and instruction booklet has been an amazing outlet for my creative graphic skills.

And of course something not-so-different: I created a new website for these games and for the Travel Light Travelers card game.