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Selfish.  Okay, so this site may be selfish, since it is a showcase of my photography, graphic design, and illustration artwork. I don’t often get a lot of time to work on my own sites – One Bad Ant or Travel Light Photography, but when I do, it’s fun and I get to experiment with new technologies and designs.

Lightweight. Responsive. Friendly.  No need to lug around a large heavy portfolio. This site is designed to be mobile and adapts to large desktop monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The site’s navigation, slide shows, images and text all adapt to the reader’s screen size. The navigation area is ‘sticky’, meaning it remains on screen for easy access as the user scrolls down the page. A ‘back to top’ button appears on the bottom edge of every page as the user scrolls down and disappears as she scrolls to the top of the page.

Modern.  The site uses the latest version of the Joomla content management system (CMS) allowing the artist to easily add and remove artwork to the categories they’ve defined. When clicked, or tapped, the artwork either opens in it’s own page or in a slide show, again depending on the artist’s preference.

The site is hosted with a company I’ve found to be very reliable and that offers an easy installation process for either the Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress CMS. The Joomla CMS I used for this site notifies the site admin when updates are needed and allows the admin to update the site’s extensions and even its core code via its administration system. No fuss, no headaches. It’s all built-in and just works!

Galleries.  The artist can define her own galleries, in this case “Graphic Design,” “Illustrations,” and “Photography.” The artist can also define sub categories within the major categories to organize her work. Each gallery can be formatted to display their collections in different ways – slide shows, grids, carousels, etc.

More.  Want to know more? Get in touch or take a look at the Travel Light Photography & KeithKunst site.

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