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An Artist’s Portfolio

Selfish? Okay, so this site may be selfish, since it is a showcase of my photography, graphic design, and illustration artwork. I don’t often get a lot of time to work on my own sites – One Bad Ant or Travel Light Photography, but…

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Simplify and Focus

Managing and maintaining focus as technologies, services, and internal and external expectations evolve is a challenge for any business. As a system becomes more complex, it requires either more resources to manage or a re-evaluation and streamlining of the system.

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The Discovery Trail

One Bad Ant is proud to have worked with the Discovery Trail (DT) to create a brand new web site that highlights eight educational organizations of Tompkins County, New York.

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Prints by Sally

It seemed like a simple request: “I need a second gallery added to my web site.” Sally Rhone-Kubarek is an artist with an extensive gallery of prints available for purchase on her web site.

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